About The Boy

 The Boy joined our family in July 2012.
He was 23 inches in length!

I always felt I was meant to have a boy.
I didn't have brothers growing up but I always wanted that mother/son relationship that so many people talk about.

In the fall of 2012 the Boy was diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly.  He was prescribed a corrective helmet to wear 23 hours a day for 3 to 4 months.

Shortly before the Boys 1st birthday his PT mentioned some concerns about his inability to stand on his own. She also said she felt like his brain was unorganized causing him not to be able to focus.  He was also on the move and never sitting still {for even a few seconds} unless he was in his high chair or car seat.  She mentioned Sensory Integration Disorder {now known as Sensory Processing Disorder} and I immediately took to Dr. Google.  

We completed a sensory profile which was graded by an OT and her suspicions were correct.  The Boy started back up with OT {after having been discharged months before}. As time progressed he would add in behavior therapy. Because of his sensory issues he was unable to control is anger/frustration {hard to believe that a one year old can be so angry!} and she was a great resource for us. 

Around the time of his 2nd birthday we questioning his speech as he wasn't saying much and not making the correct sounds for a child his age. He also wasn't chewing his food properly and swallowing things whole which caused me many extra gray hairs! We had a go with a speech therapist who didn't see any issues. We were recommended a new speech therapist who has worked wonders.  The boy is talking so much better. He is still difficult to understand if you aren't around him regularly. He is chewing better and understanding when he has too much food in his mouth. 

We are optimistic that things will continue to improve.  The sensory issues will never go away but as he gets older he will learn to self-regulate which we make things a bit easier for him.  We have a great team of therapists {PT, OT, Behavior and Speech} that are all on the same page and love our boy as much as we do.  

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