Monday, February 9, 2015

Routines and Slower Beach Living

Here is the thing about my house, routines are essential. My children need routine. My OCD needs routine. My husband...he doesn't but he goes along with it.

When we moved almost 4.5 years ago my husband adopted the slower, beach living way of life very quickly. Having grown up in a very busy area where everyone is always on the go I have had a harder time adopting this new lifestyle. It's not that I don't want to, I am gradually. Baby steps. I do enjoy that there isn't necessarily that sense of urgency for some things. But my planner brain can't always accept that.

To me it is important to have structure and routines in the home. Kids thrive on it. I thrive on it. I like knowing what is {usually} happening for the week with the understanding that things come up and things happen to throw the schedule off. Since the Boy has 4 therapies a week, my planner is my best friend!

H.B. Nanna knows the deal. You get up, you potty, you get dressed and make your bed all before breakfast. Most days we have less than an hour to do all of that, eat breakfast, brush her teeth and get to the bus stop. Some morning there are more stern warnings to hurry up or you are going to miss the bus. Does it help? Not always. She knows if she misses it we have to drive her and that buys her an extra 25 minutes.

The Boy doesn't necessarily have a morning routine other than wandering into our room at some ungodly hour and asking for milk. It's a good thing he is cute!! But he does know what days he has what therapy and what days he has school. No matter what day it is, he'll tell you it's Tuesday.

H.B Nanna has to do her homework as soon as she is home from school. It's the only way it gets done. Little Brother wants to help most days which makes the process so much longer and more complicated than it is intended to be. We are working on keeping him busy so she can work from the desk in her room.

Every other week is Girl Scouts. And every week there is dance class. It's just enough for now. I know it will get busier as the Boy gets older but I do have another year or two before we start sports for him. I am trying to enjoy this calm while I can.

And you are probably wondering how this is any different from your busy routine. It isn't really. The thing that I do find tough is that people who have adopted this slower beach living way of life, do not like to plan things in advance. And some might even argue that they are this way and they don't live at the beach. Point taken.

Do you want to come for dinner on Saturday? I don't know, ask me Friday. 
Birthday party invitations are sent out a week to a week and a half before the party. 
Could you send in homemade cookies for the class tomorrow?

But the one absolute best routine in our slower beach living life is beach naps. If you want to stay at the beach all afternoon, you need to take a snooze. And it works I tell you. H.B.Nanna only has to snooze one day a weekend. At 6 you ask? You see what 2 full days of beach does to this princess and you'll understand why!!

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