Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What's Happening..

So it's been awhile but those that have been around awhile know that this isn't unusual. Things get so busy that the last thing to get done is a proper blog post. But my New Years Resolution is to get better at it...we'll see how that goes, lol!

So where are we at and what are we up to? Good question. Long answer. But a short answer wouldn't be fun or make for a good blogpost!

H.B.Nanna finished pre-k in June. There was no formal graduation but I tried to 
make it special for her.

At the end of June we visited Aunt Erin, Uncle E and Elle in Texas.  Texas in June/July is HOTTTT!!! But we had fun so that's all that matters!

At the end of July Stephen started a new job.  This has been a game changer for us.  More travel {which I am adjusting too} and more flexibility in our ability to do things with and for our children. It has been nice and I am grateful for him and the opportunity presented to him.

Our summer looked a lot like this.

Tough. I know!!

September was a BIG month for us!  H.B.Nanna started kindergarten! The Boy started preschool two mornings a week. They both love school, their teachers and their friends.


The Boy and Baby "Rin" were baptized in September. The Boy wasn't thrilled about his outfit or the water on his head.  It made for an interesting experience!

In November {the day after Thanksgiving to be exact} we moved. Again. I feel like I have moved a lot in the last 4 years. Oh wait...I have.  But this one is it. This is the done deal. The "I am never moving again" done deal.  I'll do a home tour blog post once we are more settled in.

I also did one of those paint nights which seems to be all the craze right now.  I am no Picasso by any means! We had fun and drank lots of Mommy Juice so that's all that matters.  H.B.Nanna thinks my painting is beautiful and can't believe it wasn't a paint-by-number.

The holiday season is shaping up to be nice and busy! 
Lots of time with friends and family, near and far!!

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