Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not My Year

It seems like 2014 is not my year. No really. There has been frustration, anger, fear, doubtfulness and sadness. But it's only February you say. True.  I want to be optimistic, I really do. Although my husband does often ask why I always find the negative in things.  I guess that is just me.

It started off with some {normal} husband and wife issues.  We aren't perfect.  Our marriage isn't perfect.  But who's is? You are lying if you say yours is.  Marriage takes work. Raising a family takes work.  Trying to find a happy medium between it all takes work.  Are things better? They are headed in the right direction.  Will it ever be perfect? You know the answer to that.

There was sickness.  Lots of sickness.  Nothing major just nothing that would go away quickly. Which meant lots of cabin fever.

There was cold and snow.  There wasn't a terrible amount of snow but when you live at the beach, you don't want snow. And more cabin fever.

With cold at the beach comes frozen pipes.  Frozen pipes lead to the discovery of other issues in the home you are renting.  Other issues lead to health concerns and packing up your belongings and moving in 3 days. No joke. When you just moved 5 months prior.

Now we are settled into our new rental and February is coming to end.  March can only be better....right?!

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