Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Is Here!

Here we are 2 days into 2014 and I am actually blogging.  Shocking for both you and me. Trust me.

It has been nearly 3 months since my last blog post and even that was a random post in a good amount of time.  This blog is such a struggle for me.  I want to blog and share my life with you but sometimes the pressure gets to me. I don't have dreams of becoming this big fancy blog but I would love to just blog more regularly. Hell, I don't even want to put the money out for one of those fancy layouts with buttons and crap.  I don't want to close off the blog because I started this as a way to document the birth of H.B.Nanna five years ago.  But I need a place to talk, vent and not worry about being judged by anyone. Yes, I know there is some website that bashes Mommy Bloggers and I am sure that if it ever happened to me I would have hurt feelings but the thing is, I need to start blogging more regularly for that to happen!!

I don't like New Year's Resolutions {how may times have you heard that in the last week?!} but I do want to set some goals for myself.  I want to hold myself accountable instead of laughing about the things I wanted to do this year six months down the road. We've all been there. done that.  So with that, I present my 2014 goals.

1 - Make more memories with my children than we know what to do with. It doesn't always have to be something big, little things make great memories too!

2 - Take more pictures with my children.  I am always taking the pictures so maybe 2014 will be the year of "selfies" for me!

3 - Become so very educated in gluten free eating and sensory processing disorder to give both my children the best that I can. H.B.Nanna was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in the summer of 2013 and The Boy was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder in the fall of 2013.

4 - Stop defending myself to others for the choices that we have made as a family. In the last year I feel like I have spent more time defending the things we do and the choices we have made. 

5 - With that said....I am going to be more accepting of people and their choices and decisions. I may not always agree with them but just like you may not agree with mine, I am going to learn to accept them and move on.

6 - Find more time for me. I love being a stay at home mom and I am forever grateful to my husband for working so hard to make it possible. I need to learn how to "step out of the office" and not feel guilty about it.  I struggle so hard with this.

7 - Spend more quality time with my husband. We've struggled with this lately and it has had an affect on both of us. 

8 - I want to blog more. I want to get more creative with hair accessories. I want to read more books. I want to spend more time with my awesome beach friends and their families.

I think that these are all pretty awesome, obtainable goals. If I can actually start and maintain some {if not all} of them, I think I am setting 2014 up to be a freakin awesome year. I hope that you will continue to read along on this exciting journey of motherhood and wifeness {is that even a word?!} that 2014 will take me on.

Happy New Year!!

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