Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Fun To Do List Update

So I thought I'd update you on where we are on our Summer Fun To Do List.
I am really glad I did this because H.B.Nanna is holding me accountable for crossing things off our list.  I think we will pull it all off with the exception of picking berries.  We missed that.  But if that is all we don't get to do then I consider this a success.

Pick Berries
Watch Fireworks
Farmers Market
Do A Color Run Race
Children's Museum
Make Ice Cream
Concert in the Park
Visit Aunt Erin and Baby E
Play Miniature Golf
Have Ice Cream for Dinner
Movie at the Beach
Play with Water Balloons
Swim at Nanni and PopPop's House
Go to the Zoo
How are you doing with your Summer Fun To Do List?

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