Thursday, August 29, 2013

The other day my husband went for a run on the beach.  Nothing unusual for him since he does it most every beach day we have. When he came back he seemed a little perturbed. He didn't say why until later that evening.
Now what I am about to write is a topic that can cause lots of negative feelings and cause people to be confrontational.  It is not my intention.
When my husband and I finally had time to talk without 4 year old and 1 year old interruptions, he opened up about what had happened on his run. It isn't so much of what happened but what he saw. A pregnant woman standing on the beach smoking. Openly. For all to see.
He was angry with the woman.  Did she know what she was doing to her child? How could someone be so selfish? Yes, he understands that smoking is like an addiction that some people can't get over. But I think what he was struggling with was if the woman knew she was pregnant (which clearly she did) why wasn't she doing anything and everything she could to stop?
Now my husband is not confrontational.  He lets things go, sometimes things he shouldn't. And he obviously didn't know this woman or her situation and he didn't say anything. He just kept running.
The following day he posted some pretty strong words on Facebook about what he saw. He knew it would upset people but he also knew what the woman smoking was doing to her child. He didn't receive much feedback (negative or positive) in fact he received very few likes. Pictures of our children or a healthy meal he has prepared receive more likes and comments. Someone commented and asked if maybe he was secretly on that show "What Would You Do?" and maybe he had failed. I was a little taken back by the lack of response from his post. Do people not care or are they just afraid to speak up?  It seems like we are eager to voice our opinions about a lot of things these days so why not about this?
We aren't smokers. Never have been. In fact, I can count very few family members or friends of mine who smoke. I think that people are smarter now about things. I just hope that this woman realizes what she is doing to her innocent child and does something about it. There is so much information and help available that she doesn't have any excuses.
And on a lighter note, what is a post without pictures?!
Apparently we have entered the
"stick the tongue out for pictures" phase.  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Fun To Do List Update

So I thought I'd update you on where we are on our Summer Fun To Do List.
I am really glad I did this because H.B.Nanna is holding me accountable for crossing things off our list.  I think we will pull it all off with the exception of picking berries.  We missed that.  But if that is all we don't get to do then I consider this a success.

Pick Berries
Watch Fireworks
Farmers Market
Do A Color Run Race
Children's Museum
Make Ice Cream
Concert in the Park
Visit Aunt Erin and Baby E
Play Miniature Golf
Have Ice Cream for Dinner
Movie at the Beach
Play with Water Balloons
Swim at Nanni and PopPop's House
Go to the Zoo
How are you doing with your Summer Fun To Do List?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Game Night

Last week H.B.Nanna randomly asked if she could stay up late and play a game with us. We thought board game, she thought video game and so there were tears. Lots of tears.
We settled on a Dora matching game. And I had Mommy juice. 
Sometimes 4 and a half year old crying fits can be draining!!

She had a lot of fun and kept asking when we could do game night again. 
Then Mommy won the game.
And there were more tears.
More 4 and a half year old tears with warnings not to wake her sleeping brother.
Never a dull moment!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Careful What You Wish For...

As I blogged about not long ago, I was in need of something to focus on. Not that I am not devoting my time to my children and my husband but now that I am not working I felt like I was in need of something else.  What that else was, I wasn't sure of.

Well played karma.

In the matter of short time since I blogged about that, we have decided not to renew our lease in the home we are currently renting, found a new place to rent and are beginning the purging/selling/donating fun that is moving. And I use the term fun loosely.  I have always joked that I was never planning to move from this house because a) it is huge - 4,000 feet huge and b) there is going to be too much crap to move. But the idea of being 1 mile {yep, walking distance} from the beach is really appealing. It means downsizing in home space and crap but I am more then ok with that.  The bedrooms in the new house are what I am used to. I didn't grow up with rooms as large as H.B.Nanna and the Boy currently have. I mean really...I had a twin bed till I was in college.  I think H.B.Nanna will survive the downsize from double to twin!!

So we are busy. Summer is winding down and we are squeezing in guests, trips to visit my parents and all the beach time we can. H.B.Nanna starts pre-k the week before Labor Day. She is beyond excited even though she has been attending some summer camp at the school she attends so she keeps telling me she is already in pre-k.  Yes, Ma'am!

And the Boy is back to weekly PT appointments.  He is having some sensory issues that are {could be} affecting his ability to stand on his own and learn to walk. I am happy the PT is back to weekly.  As a parent you can only do so much to try and help your child. Then you feel like a schmuck when you tell the PT you are having trouble getting him to do certain things and she tries once and is successful. I think it will be good for both him and I. The sensory thing could be something more but it is really to early to speculate and honestly, Dr. Google has my brain fried.

So I guess I have lots to keep me busy now. Lesson careful what you wish for!