Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Boy is One - Part 2

Since the Boy is lucky enough to have a birthday the day before a big summer holiday he will probably grow up thinking he gets fireworks for his birthday.  At least that is what is sister thinks!
Seriously this girl cracks me up!
It took about 25 pictures to get a remotely good one.
Even if the Boy has devil eyes! 
Someone liked the fireworks {don't let the face fool you!}
Big Sister asked repeatedly to go home. She says she is staying home next year! 
On Saturday we had family and friends over for a Mickey birthday bash.
My good friend Sarah made this darling cake for the birthday boy. 
I love this and think they will find a permanent home in the playroom.  
The Boy wasn't feeling well and the crowd of people surrounding his high chair were a bad combination.  He wanted nothing to do with his cake. Poor guy! 

I am so sad that this is my last first birthday party that I will be planning.  Both of my babies had Mickey Mouse first birthday parties! That is called reusing some of what you already have!

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