Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Fun To Do List

Since this is H.B.Nanna's first real summer at home I thought it would be fun to create a fun to do list for her.  Who am I is to hold me accountable.  All those things I say "Yep, we'll do that one day. Maybe in a couple of weeks" ..but then we never actually do.  If it's written on the list we are going to do it.
Except berry picking.  I think we missed that thanks to the ridiculous amount of rain we have had.
So I got all Pinteresty and made a fun little chart that really looks like H.B.Nanna could have made it. But it works.

So what is on our list?
Pick Berries
Watch Fireworks
Farmers Market
Do A Color Run Race
Children's Museum
Make Ice Cream
Concert in the Park
Visit Aunt Erin and Baby E
Play Miniature Golf
Have Ice Cream for Dinner
Movie at the Beach
Play with Water Balloons
Swim at Nanni and PopPop's House
Go to the Zoo

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