Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday Preparations

People tell you when you are pregnant with your first child that it goes fast. Before you know it, that child will be graduating from high school.  And you chuckle and think to yourself that they are crazy and that it isn't really like that.
I was one of those people. The one that chuckled. Now I am the advice giver. Why?  Because it really seriously goes fast. Like month when I meet someone knew and they ask if I have children I will say "Yes, two children.  A four year old and a one year old."
So the Boy is just 23 days away from being one. Holy Sheets!! It's creeping up on me.

I had these invitations made on Etsy and printed at my local CVS.
We are having the party at our house with one of those bouncy things and a little pool for the kids. H.B.Nanna doesn't understand why her brother gets a bouncy and she doesn't.  I explained that that is what happens when your birthday is in January and his is in July.
I am planning some DIY party decorations since I will be decorating indoors and outdoors.


I had a friend cut the pictures so I can make the three prints for the wall.
But seriously am I really planning the Boy's first birthday party?!

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