Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I wrote this blog post in my head as I washed dishes and scrubbed the kitchen counter. That has been my life the last few days. Wash dishes. Wipe noses. Sanitize hands. Wash laundry. Give the sickies medicine. Sanitize hands. Keep the house quiet so that one awake child doesn't wake the sleeping child. Sanitize hands. Last week H.B.Nanna's teacher commented about all of the green snot on the playground. I joked that we had been lucky thus far. Then karma bit me in the arse. Thursday night Stephen returned from his business trip to a fussy, teething baby. Friday was more teething fun. Saturday I went for a relaxing pedicure. Only it wasn't that relaxing because the woman in the chair next to me talked my ear off. The entire time. She wanted to be my BFF. Gave me her business card and all. I just wanted quiet time. I returned home to a toddler who didn't feel well. That's where it all went down hill. H.B.Nanna started with a fever, runny nose and cough. The Boy started with it Sunday night into Monday morning. Here we are at almost noon on Tuesday and both children are still sick. H.B.Nanna is fever less but coughing and sneezing up a storm. The Boy is coughing and his two front teeth are minutes from breaking through causing an incredible amount of snot. I have cabin fever and Stephen is working. Good times. Stephen and I? We are praying they don't share with us. Hence the reason for super dry hands from all the hand sanitizer. And honestly, two sick children at one time just down right sucks! So apparently when I blog on my Nook, it is just one big paragraph. Sorry!

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Post Where I Talk About My Frustrations

We all get frustrated. 
Some more particularly at a certain time of the month others a little every day.
For me, I am a certain time of the month frustator {is that even a word?}
My husband may argue otherwise but I'm writing this blog post not him ;)
And it always seems to be that everything happens at once.
So here we are the end of the 4th day of the month and so far this month sucks.
I love my girl. With all my heart. I really do.
But H.B.Nanna has become a demon 4 year old.
You know...refusing to eat dinner. 2 nights in a row. 1 of those was in a restaurant.
We couldn't get out of the restaurant quick enough.
She now tells me that she likes Daddy better. I'm not a nice Mama.
My bad...but you still have to sit in timeout!
The things that come out of her mouth are baffling.
She doesn't learn it at home so I can only assume she is picking it up at school.
I know that we all live busy lives.
But is it that difficult to know what your child's winter coat looks like?
Yep. A child wore my daughter's winter coat home from school today.
Like, her parent(s) picked her up and took her home in a coat other then hers.
And my daughter went home with no coat.
I understand accidents happen. I really do. But it was freezing.
The thermometer in my car said ice. And my child had no coat.
Well she did actually. Mine. And then I was cold.
A 4 year old in Mommy's white coat. It was as scary as it sounds.
The Boy is adorable.
Every day I think that I am so lucky to be a boy Mama.
Today he had an x-ray for his hips.  The pediatrician is concerned that they may not be fused properly so we had an x-ray done just to be sure. It is fairly common with torticollis.
Now we wait to see what the x-ray says.
Add a husband who is traveling for work and it just gets better.
So when I hear "I like Daddy better" I have to explain that it is me or nada right now.
I understand he needs to travel.  It pays the bills and allows me to only work 2 days a week.
But  sometimes it is frustrating.
It's like the children know I am on my own and get in cahoots to torment me.
And Sean the Bachelor.  He is frustrating. 
Why do the Bachelors and Bachelorettes always fall for the crazies?
Can't they hear me yelling at the tv?!
All done. Glad that I got that out!