Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So the Boy wears a helmet. This isn't new.

It's a pain in the arse. This isn't new either.

We are all adjusting.  When we take it off of him, H.B.Nanna asks if his head is round yet. I tell her not yet but it's getting there.

People see him in his helmet and tell us how cute he is.  Of course he is, he's my son! ;)

The helmet makes his head stink.  It's different then formula neck. And not in a good way. Thank goodness he has started to like baths.

Today I found myself trying to explain to someone who had never met me {or my family} about the helmet and why the Boy wears one. I know why. But I found myself talking in circles. Like I didn't want to say the wrong thing to make her think badly about me because I have a child that wears a helmet. And as soon as the conversation was over, I regretted it.  I wish I had better explained it's purpose. Made her aware of it's seriousness. That my child doesn't wear a helmet because he is clumsy. A neurosurgeon prescribed it for medical reasons.

We are just over one month into his helmet wearing and it has changed us.  Changed our outlook on things.  Trust me, we are grateful for two healthy children. I try to remember that there are children out there who would rather wear a helmet then go through whatever they may be going through.

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