Saturday, January 12, 2013

H.B.Nanna is 4

Where does the time go?!
It seems like just yesterday I was having a baby girl at
35 weeks and 1 day.
It seems like just yesterday I was bringing home my beautiful preemie girl from the ICN after an 11 day stay.
It seems like just yesterday I was rocking her to sleep and singing You Are My Sunshine.
Now my baby girl is a thriving 4 year old.
She loves to "read" books.
She loves to play dress-up.
She loves her Baby Brother.
She is an awesome speller.
And she likes to do things her way.
Like any child this age, she has her good days and bad. 
Sometimes there are more good then bad..
I just try to remember she is only 4 and learning to express herself.
She is not a fan of time out..but who is?!
Often times her listening ears are broken but it doesn't seem to bother her ;)
This girl is awesome. I am so happy to be her Mamma.

I am truly blessed to have a daughter as sweet, caring, outgoing, funny and loving as my H.B.Nanna.

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