Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013!! 
Today is a new start.  A new opportunity to do things differently. 
A chance to set goals and create ways to achieve them.
But in typical resolution fashion, we promise to do things differently.
And we do.
For a week.
Then we are back to old habits.
So what are your resolutions this year?
I want to say I am going to blog more.
I want to say I am going to lose the final 10 pounds of baby weight.
I want to say that I am going to not stress over the little things anymore.
I want to say that I am going to slow down and enjoy more of the little moments.
I want to say that I am going to be ok with my house not being sparkly clean when company arrives.
But in reality..these things may not actually happen. 
Or at least for more then a week.
But I am going to try my best.
I really am.
How many times have you heard this??
Our New Years Eve was very low key.
H.B.Nanna banged some pots and pans at 7:45 last night.
Why yes daughter, it was midnight somewhere.
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