Friday, January 25, 2013

At This Moment

At this moment I am trying to enjoy my final minutes of quiet before the
children wake from their naps.
Correction - before the little guy wakes since the sister is refusing to close her eyes.
No playing in the snow if you don't nap doesn't seem to bother her.
It makes me sad because who knows if we will get snow again
{one of the downfalls of living at the beach}
I'm sure she'll connive her way out there though ;)
At this moment the smell of sauce, gravy whatever you may call it is cooking away.
I am following the recipe from Ralph's Italian Restaurant out of Philly. Delish!
At this moment my head cold is starting to get to me. 
We were almost through a sickness-free January.
So so close and who knew I'd be the first to get sick.
Although the hubs may not be far behind since he just decided to go for a run.
It's 25 degrees out and should be snowing within the hour.
At this moment I stress about the corrective helmet and the idea that the
 Boy could need another one next month if he out grows this one.
Corrective helmets aren't cheap.
And they are supposed to last the 3 to 4 months that they are prescribed.
This Boy is a weed and growing fast.
At this moment as I sit here and type I think of the things I want to
do around the house today.
But alas, I know that I won't come close to getting them done.
Sitting on the floor playing toys with the Boy while H.B.Nanna plays in her
 Princess dresses is way more fun then folding laundry.
At this moment I wonder if I will ever make anything of my Etsy store.
I know if I put more effort into it that the chances might be better.
I just wonder if I jumped the gun and if it was a mistake.
At this moment my head is going in lots of directions.
Sometimes it is hard to turn it off.
Sometimes it makes it hard to enjoy life's little moments.
At this moment the Boy has waken and I must go cover him with kisses.
And maybe let sister get out of her un-slept in bed ;)

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Sadie Ussery said...

Love this. You wrote so beautifully. It's amazing how many thoughts you can have in such a short minute.