Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kicked Out...

Let me start by saying that I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

This is a true story.

We moved to a new area just over two years ago.  We didn't know anyone in the area other then my Great-Aunt whom I didn't see all that often {i.e. every couple of years at a family reunion or funeral..sad}. People we were meeting were friendly but I was really having a hard time finding people that I connected with.  Almost at the end of our first year here, I decided to take a leap of faith and join a local Mom's Club.  What better way to connect with people then with a group of Mom's, right?

Things started off rocky.  They all had been friends for a while and I was the new girl in town.  Some were more outgoing then others.  Some made a bigger effort to get to know me and to include H.B.Nanna and I in things. And some were just cold and standoffish.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt and continued to join activities and volunteer for community events. 

There were a couple of instances where Stephen joined us for family events.  He always left shaking his head wondering how I was apart of such a group.  I kept saying that I am doing it to meet people and that some of them were nice.

This time last year a new "Soon-to-be Mom" {we'll call her B} joined the club.  She was very friendly from the beginning.  She had suggestions.  Ideas on community events.  Ideas how to grow our "Club."  Sometimes her ideas were met with excitement.  Other times they were met with eye rolls.

As time went on B and I became good friends.  In fact, our husbands became good friends.  The kind of people you have over for dinner.  Or the kind of person you go on a shopping trip with.  We were having fun.  Sometime in September we decided that since tourist season was over that we'd like to start walking with our babies in strollers a couple of mornings a week.  We walked one morning then were off to our monthly "Club" meeting. 

Things were different at this meeting.  The tone was different.  It was almost like it was B and I versus the rest of the club.  I didn't know that a Mom's group could be so intense.  There was a new Mom joining us that day{we'll call her G} and she was very friendly.  B and I instantly clicked with G. At this meeting, I explained about our walk that morning and how it would be fun to make it a weekly thing and whomever wanted to join was more then welcome.  My idea was met with great enthusiasm.  One of the other Mom's asked if we had thought about a baby play date since there was a growing number of babies in the 14 month and under age range.  B and I hadn't thought about it but were open to the idea of a 2 years and under play group.  B even volunteered to host.

We had an awesome play group a week later.  5 Mom's and 6 children under the age of two.  That's when it all went down the tune of how could you have a play group that didn't include children of all ages.  Ahem...excuse me?!  It wasn't our idea last I checked.

And dare you go walking with your babies in strollers and not invite others. 

And dare you plan a Mom's Night Out when not all Mom's can attend.

Really?!  This was happening..

B got the phone call.  From the Club President....this is official stuff people!

They thought it best that she not participate anymore.  She had ideas that not everyone agreed with.  She was doing things exclusively and not inviting others.  It was suggested that she start her own group. 

They kicked her out of the Mom's Club.

For real. 

Then I got a phone call...not from the President but from B explaining what just happened.  I was flabbergasted.  How do you get kicked out of a Mom's Club?!  I didn't know that was even possible.

So as a good friend I immediately withdrew from the Club.  I didn't give them the chance to call me.  I honestly think they thought if they called B that I would quit and they wouldn't have to call me.  I suppose they got what they wanted.

What I don't think they thought of was that the other Moms would start dropping like flies.  One after One.  Some of them were "members" but had never really participated in anything until this happened.

We have start our own little group...No Presidents. No monthly meetings.  No rules.  Just a whatever group that does whatever we want.  And it works. And we have all become good friends because of it. 

I am over it.  They showed me that they can't act like grown women. Which is funny because the "President" and her officers are older then me. I've bumped into them in public and am greeted with a cold shoulder.  It is amazing to see people act this way. Women from a Mom's Club....very good example they are setting for their children, yeah?!

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