Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ballet and Gymnastics

H.B.Nanna takes after her Mommy ;)
When she told me she wanted to take ballet my heart jumped for joy.  I took dance lessons for 12 years and I used to dream of the day I had a daughter that took ballet.  And that day is here!!!! 
For her age, she had the option for a ballet and gymnastics combination class or just gymnastics.  I was glad she wanted the ballet.  The first class she said she likes ballet best.  Every week since, gymnastics seems to be the favorite.  I think she likes jumping on the giant trampoline.
After we signed her up I knew I needed to get leotards and tights.  I went shopping online because where we live, there aren't many options. I asked her what color she wanted and showed her all her options.  Her colors of choice - green and blue. Really?! 
Standing out front of the studio on her first day of class

Trying out the balance beam. 
I think I am most excited about the recital in June!

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