Monday, August 13, 2012

Momma is tired and wants to sleep in her own bed

Sometimes I wish I could make everything and everyone ok.  There is nothing like a sick child to make this feeling even stronger.  Make that a 5 {almost 6} week old baby and it nearly kills me.

Baby Boy started being fussy on Wednesday.  He is not a fussy baby. The only noise he makes is when he is hungry.  Pewpy diapers don't bother him in the least. I thought may he was gassy so we bought something to help with that. Thursday he slept most of the day which isn't like him.  In the afternoon I noticed he was feeling a bit warm and the temporal thermometer revealed a fever of 100.4. Awesome. 

By Thursday evening his temp was up to 102.5 and that was checking in the nether region. Poor guy was hot.  Our pediatrician indicated that the ER had an extensive wait and she thought it best for us to go to another hospital.  We were off but we knew we would be dealing with new doctors and a hospital that we weren't familiar with.

Baby Boy was admitted in the wee hours of Friday morning and spent a rainy 2 and a half days in the pediatric area of the hospital.  With spiking fevers {never over 102.5}, failed attempts at spinal taps, blocked IVs and may many temperature checks in the nether region, we were discharged Sunday morning after having been nearly fever free for 24 hours {there was one 101 spike in the middle of the night}. I was never so happy to walk out of a hospital.

Sunday night he had a little fever but he slept well. Today at a follow up appointment with our pediatrician Baby Boy had another fever of 100.6.  Dude...

We left the doctors with instructions to call his temp reached 101.  If he still has a fever Wednesday night/Thursday morning then we are off to the children's hospital 2 hours away.  Oh how I hope he will be better by then. Momma is tired and wants to sleep in her own bed. Yep.

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