Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bedtime Routines

I don't know how things are in your house but in our house we do better with routine. Like if we stray, WW III begins.  Screaming so loud for a 3 year old....something I didn't know she could do.
Yes, my little princess isn't always so princess like.


Our bedtime routine looks like this:
-Brush teeth (toothpaste then fluoride stuff}
-Wash hands
-Put on jammies
-Brush hair
-Pick out clothes for school the next day
-Pick 2 books
-Read books in bed with Mommy and/or Daddy
-Sing 2 songs

In a perfect world, we follow this routine with no issues.  It seems as though lately she goes to bed better for me the for Stephen.  She doesn't fight we me as much and I can usually talk her out of whining and crying.  With Stephen, she doesn't whine or cry first...she goes right to screaming. I don't know what it is about the 2 of them but it drives me crazy sometimes. What should be a fairly quick bedtime routine can turn into long, drawn out process.

I created a bedtime checklist that when followed works really well.  The problem is we don't actually mark it every night. This morning I told H.B.Nanna that we are going to do the check list every night. We have to for my sanity!!

I suppose at 3, it is normal for her to behave one way with one parent and another way with the other. We are on the same page with parenting but I think she can get away with more with Daddy then she can with Mommy.  I am sure that as Baby Boy gets older, he will have it easier with Mommy then with Daddy but I could be wrong.

How is the bedtime routine in your house?  Is it easier for one parent more then the other?

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