Thursday, August 9, 2012

At this Moment...

Right now Baby Boy is passed out on his play mat.
Yep, I should move him to his crib but why wake a sleeping baby?!

I am sitting on the floor next to the play mat on the laptop.
The satellite dish is out because we are having a heck of a thunder/lightening/rain storm.
When the weather is like this and H.B.Nanna is at preschool my emotions run crazy. 
 I always want to go get her and bring her home to be with me.
The dog is laying close staring at me because she is TERRIFIED of thunder.

Stephen is downstairs working.  He told me the other day he wished he could be off for the whole month of August but alas, we are not the Rockefeller's.

I have to say that in this moment I truly love my little family. 
My children are awesome.
 I think that though we are both sleep deprived, Stephen and I still love
 each other :) {even if we argue at 3am!!}
My family is complete.

At this moment, I feel a little bit of cabin fever.
I know its the heat. 
I have a hard time taking Baby Boy out with a heat index of 110.
Call me crazy but it's how I feel.

I love where we live..just minutes from the beach.
I miss family and friends that aren't near but we speak often enough that it makes it easy.
I love the new friends we are making here. We really are developing life long friendships.


jamie said...

I know how it's hard to fit in sometimes. But so happy you're blending in and meeting new friends!

Nessa said...

Your post made me smile. Those quiet, reflective moments are sometimes the needed to keep life in perspective.