Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At this moment

At this moment everyone in my house is asleep but me.
I have a lot going through my head and it is hard to turn it off and go to sleep.
H.B.Nanna went to bed somewhat better tonight.
Better in the sense that there was no kicking and screaming.
Or beating on the bedroom door because Daddy wouldn't sing 10 songs.
It still took her over an hour to settle down and go to sleep.
To be 3 again...
Baby Boy is stirring in his pack and play.
He wiggles so much that he was wiggling the pin loose on the
cradle so he has graduated from the cradle.
Next step is the crib in his room but we need to get past 2 hour feedings at night.
I am listing to ocean waves on the sound machine.
This boy is truly a beach boy - he slept soundly for 3 hours at the beach today.
My sister is getting married this weekend.
We aren't particularly close but I was happy when she asked me to be her Matron of Honor.
I am having anxiety about the speech. Not the speech itself.
The giving it to 150 people. Picture them in their underwear, right?!
My sister and I on my wedding day.
Stephen won't be with me for some of the pre-wedding festivities.
I find I need him for balance and to keep me sane.
I love my family but sometimes things can get a bit overwhelming.
I'll have the children with me and that will great.
As long as H.B.Nanna doesn't have any demon moments.
I know..she is 3 and it to shall pass.  
I start back to work next week.
I have such anxiety about this.
I had more time at home with H.B.Nanna when she was born but I worked full time then.
As Baby Boy gets older {2 months now!} I realize how much H.B.Nanna is growing.
I struggle with finding the time to spend quality time with her.
I don't like telling her I can't do something with her because her brother needs me.
I feel like I am missing out on things with her.
And yet I want to enjoy all of those first baby moments with the boy too.
I worry that before I figure out how to balance the two, she'll be older and not interested in good times with Mommy and he'll be her age and I will have missed everything.
I know it may sound crazy but I miss my girl and all the time we spent together.
It was just her all the time and now it's her and I and the boy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Post - A Healthy Mom Makes a Healthy Baby

Bringing new life into the world is an exciting experience, but there is a huge amount of responsibility that comes with being a mom. It all starts the moment you learn you are pregnant. From that point on you’ll do anything to help make sure you provide a healthy environment and body for your baby to develop in.

Making an appointment with your doctor should be the first step that you take. Planning for your pregnancy and delivery with your doctor will take place at your regular appointments. A doctor will be helpful in everything from nutrition and exercise to until signs of labor and post delivery options like umbilical cord blood banking and vaccinations.

One thing many women struggle with is what to eat while pregnant. There are various vitamins and minerals that become of the utmost importance while you're pregnant, for the baby’s development. Don't worry, your diet doesn't have to be boring and you don't have to feel like you're depriving yourself in order to consume the essential nutrients. Many foods contain them naturally, but you’ll want to make sure what you’re eating does contain these key nutrients:   

-Calcium: You need calcium to help build strong bones and teeth, as well as facilitate muscle contraction and nerve function. Sources of calcium include low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese, and you should eat or drink at least 5 servings per day.

-Vitamin C: You know that old familiar saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well it seems to hold true when you're pregnant! You can find Vitamin C in many fruits and vegetables like broccoli, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, tomatoes, and many more. While pregnant, you should consume around 85mg of Vitamin C per day.

-Iron: Eating iron-rich foods will keep you from becoming anemic while pregnant. Foods rich in iron include lean meat, spinach, eggs, and fish with little or no mercury (For example, cooked salmon, crab, shrimp, and canned light tuna. Avoid eating uncooked fish or shellfish). The recommended amount is about 3 servings or iron-rich foods per day.

-Folic acid: Eating folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects. Sources of foods high in folic acid are leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, beans, and nuts. It is recommended that pregnant women consume about 0.4mg of folic acid per day.

Other nutrients, such as carbohydrates are also important. Although it is quite common for women to go on low-carb diets these days, refrain from such a restriction while you are pregnant. You'll need the energy and your baby needs those hearty grains too! Limit your caffeine intake, but make sure you drink plenty of fluids. You'll need 12 8-ounce glasses of water per day to keep you and your baby hydrated.  Also, avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking, illegal drugs, and medications unless prescribed by your doctor.

When you're feeling like you're in need of a sweet treat, try a yogurt parfait to satisfy your craving. Use low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, and iron-rich granola. You'll get at least one serving of three important nutrients, plus the fruit and the whole grains of the granola will help keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. It's a healthy, delicious snack and can even serve as breakfast for a great start to your day!

Eating healthy will provide your baby with healthy build blocks to help him or her develop. You’ll also feel good as a result. Feeling good inside and out will help make pregnancy a more enjoyable experience.

This article was written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bedtime Routines

I don't know how things are in your house but in our house we do better with routine. Like if we stray, WW III begins.  Screaming so loud for a 3 year old....something I didn't know she could do.
Yes, my little princess isn't always so princess like.


Our bedtime routine looks like this:
-Brush teeth (toothpaste then fluoride stuff}
-Wash hands
-Put on jammies
-Brush hair
-Pick out clothes for school the next day
-Pick 2 books
-Read books in bed with Mommy and/or Daddy
-Sing 2 songs

In a perfect world, we follow this routine with no issues.  It seems as though lately she goes to bed better for me the for Stephen.  She doesn't fight we me as much and I can usually talk her out of whining and crying.  With Stephen, she doesn't whine or cry first...she goes right to screaming. I don't know what it is about the 2 of them but it drives me crazy sometimes. What should be a fairly quick bedtime routine can turn into long, drawn out process.

I created a bedtime checklist that when followed works really well.  The problem is we don't actually mark it every night. This morning I told H.B.Nanna that we are going to do the check list every night. We have to for my sanity!!

I suppose at 3, it is normal for her to behave one way with one parent and another way with the other. We are on the same page with parenting but I think she can get away with more with Daddy then she can with Mommy.  I am sure that as Baby Boy gets older, he will have it easier with Mommy then with Daddy but I could be wrong.

How is the bedtime routine in your house?  Is it easier for one parent more then the other?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Somebody is feeling better today.

Thank goodness!!

I am a happy Momma.

Still sleep deprived...but happy :)

The pediatrician called to tell us that some cultures came back yesterday positive for entrovirus. This is a virus that causes upper respiratory infections, hand/foot/mouth and viral meningitis. This explains the high fevers and the spots that were coming and going. It is a common summer virus.

Since Baby Boy has been nearly fever free (just some low grade fevers) for 24 hours, she feels we are on the up and up.  

 It is never fun for a parent when your child is sick but it is especially hard when they are so young that they can't tell you how they feel 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Momma is tired and wants to sleep in her own bed

Sometimes I wish I could make everything and everyone ok.  There is nothing like a sick child to make this feeling even stronger.  Make that a 5 {almost 6} week old baby and it nearly kills me.

Baby Boy started being fussy on Wednesday.  He is not a fussy baby. The only noise he makes is when he is hungry.  Pewpy diapers don't bother him in the least. I thought may he was gassy so we bought something to help with that. Thursday he slept most of the day which isn't like him.  In the afternoon I noticed he was feeling a bit warm and the temporal thermometer revealed a fever of 100.4. Awesome. 

By Thursday evening his temp was up to 102.5 and that was checking in the nether region. Poor guy was hot.  Our pediatrician indicated that the ER had an extensive wait and she thought it best for us to go to another hospital.  We were off but we knew we would be dealing with new doctors and a hospital that we weren't familiar with.

Baby Boy was admitted in the wee hours of Friday morning and spent a rainy 2 and a half days in the pediatric area of the hospital.  With spiking fevers {never over 102.5}, failed attempts at spinal taps, blocked IVs and may many temperature checks in the nether region, we were discharged Sunday morning after having been nearly fever free for 24 hours {there was one 101 spike in the middle of the night}. I was never so happy to walk out of a hospital.

Sunday night he had a little fever but he slept well. Today at a follow up appointment with our pediatrician Baby Boy had another fever of 100.6.  Dude...

We left the doctors with instructions to call his temp reached 101.  If he still has a fever Wednesday night/Thursday morning then we are off to the children's hospital 2 hours away.  Oh how I hope he will be better by then. Momma is tired and wants to sleep in her own bed. Yep.

Friday, August 10, 2012

This week in photos

Mommy's helper!

Who says this baby towel is just for Baby Boy?!

I love his smile.

Nothing like a relaxing nap on the beach :) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

At this Moment...

Right now Baby Boy is passed out on his play mat.
Yep, I should move him to his crib but why wake a sleeping baby?!

I am sitting on the floor next to the play mat on the laptop.
The satellite dish is out because we are having a heck of a thunder/lightening/rain storm.
When the weather is like this and H.B.Nanna is at preschool my emotions run crazy. 
 I always want to go get her and bring her home to be with me.
The dog is laying close staring at me because she is TERRIFIED of thunder.

Stephen is downstairs working.  He told me the other day he wished he could be off for the whole month of August but alas, we are not the Rockefeller's.

I have to say that in this moment I truly love my little family. 
My children are awesome.
 I think that though we are both sleep deprived, Stephen and I still love
 each other :) {even if we argue at 3am!!}
My family is complete.

At this moment, I feel a little bit of cabin fever.
I know its the heat. 
I have a hard time taking Baby Boy out with a heat index of 110.
Call me crazy but it's how I feel.

I love where we live..just minutes from the beach.
I miss family and friends that aren't near but we speak often enough that it makes it easy.
I love the new friends we are making here. We really are developing life long friendships.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


It is so hard to find more then 5 minutes to blog these days...heck this is the first time I logged onto the computer in over a week. Baby Boy is a handful!  He is eating us out of house and home!!!  I'm talking 3 to 4 ounces every 1 to 2 hours..I don't know where he is putting it.  And because he is eating so much...we are constantly changing diapers. 

H. B. Nanna loves her little brother. And she tells us every day.  Morgan on the other hand...not so much. She has become our devil dog.  I feel bad but she has spending more time in her crate, especially when we are eating. She'll adjust...he isn't going anywhere!

I am thinking that once things calm down and I want to have one of those fancy blog designs done. I want to get back to blogging regularly once I can back on a schedule / in a routine.  It is possible for that to happen with two children before they graduate, right?! Sometimes I wonder!

My sister gets married Labor Day weekend.  I have written my Matron of Honor speech in my head.  I really need to get it on paper...and not on the day of the wedding! The Bachelorette party is this weekend. I am looking forward to some good times with friends and family.

I am loving the Olympics. I tried to get H.B. Nanna to watch with me but she isn't interested. It's not one of her shows.  Maybe when she is older.

I can not believe I am one month into my maternity leave and I only have one month left.  It's crazy how quickly the time is going. I don't even want to think about starting back to work.  The only good part {besides the pay checks} is that I don't actually have to return to an office.  One of the benefits of working from home.

Till I have another 5 minutes...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Big Sissy helping burp Baby Boy

Mommy an Daddy had no idea they would have such a big helper!!