Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

A post from me on a Saturday?!  I know...but stranger things have happened.

We are spending the day home relaxing rather then on the beach because H.B.Nanna has caught a stomach bug.  I am cleaning trying not to catch it.  That's let last thing I need.

We have family visiting close by and we'd really like to spend time with them but H.B.Nanna getting better is our first priority.  It isn't worth it to me to push her to do things today and have to deal with her getting sicker rather then better later.

And besides it's going to be 90 today...I'd rather stay in and suck up the air anyway!

Yesterday I had my weekly doctors visit and ultrasound.  Baby Boy looks good.  I am 1.5cm dilated.  Wohoo...things are getting started.  After all the contractions I had on Thursday I wasn't surprised.  I am 36 weeks today and the midwife I saw yesterday doesn't think I'll go much past 37 or 38 weeks...that's really soon!!  I guess I am in the home stretch then...

I am really looking forward to some time off from work, even if it is sleep deprived time off.  Even though I only work part-time, I still get bored with it after a while. It'll be nice to take 2 months off and hopefully I'll go back and enjoy it again.

H.B.Nanna has really been acting out a lot lately.  Lots of yelling, hitting and even kicking.  It is so unlike her but I understand that her life is in transition.  It has to be hard knowing that things are going to be different in our house soon.  Mommy can't hold her like she used to and it is becoming more uncomfortable for her to sit on my lap likes she likes to do.  It seems like we are quicker to snap at her when she is acting out and I hate it. I'm trying to not let it happen and to spend as much quality time with her as I can. Hopefully this won't last long and it isn't a sign of things to come once Baby Boy arrives.  Any advice on getting through this?

Sorry this is all over the place....sometimes these posts just happen!

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Rina said...

Lots of luck to you this summer! So much change is exciting (and maybe a little scary) to all involved. Best wishes to big sister to be. Stopping by from SITS.

p.s. I just read the book 'Surprise Soup' to my first grade students yesterday - it is about a family waiting for mom to get home from the hospital with the new baby. Go to to read it online.

Rina from