Friday, May 11, 2012

Y3W - L&D Take Two

This is not going to become my regular Friday thing. 

I won't let it.

Last week while I was at MFM seeing the high risk doctor, she felt that 2 weeks was to long for a headache and that given my history, I need to go to the hospital to be checked out.  Four hours, a bag of fluids and some blood work later, they felt that pre-eclampsia wasn't starting and that it was probably just a migraine.  I was given some medicine and time to rest. I felt better so they sent me home.

Today I went for my weekly ultrasound and doctors visit.  The mid-wife came in and shared the good news that there was protein in my tinkle. Yay.  Anyone with a history of pre-e will know this is not what you want to hear. It wasn't just a trace either, it was a full +1.  So off to the hospital I go for an NST and more blood work.

I got to the hospital and it must have been a slow day because they were waiting for me. Baby Boy passed the NST in 10 minutes so they un-hooked me from the monitors. They took blood and another tinkle sample.  My blood pressure was good. A different mid-wife came in {my doctors office has 3 I think though I see doctor/mid-wife, whomever} and told me everything was good and that I could go home.

Excuse me?!

Yeah there was no protein in the test they did at the hospital. I was the 3rd patient sent from my doctors office today with +1 protein and all had no protein in the tests done at the hospital.  She thinks the test strips they are using at the office must be bad. Really?!

I was pleasantly surprised.  After all I will be 32 weeks tomorrow and H.B.Nanna was born at 35 weeks 1 Day.  I started with pre-e symptoms around this time during that pregnancy so I was not surprised when they said I had the protein in the office. I was told to rest this weekend to prevent the headache/migraine from coming back. She said quiet is preferred.  I told her I have a 3 year old and that I forget what quiet is.

So for now there is no protein and no pre-e.  I am still packing my hospital bag this weekend.  I need to be prepared. I had no bag last time and sent Stephen home with a list of things to come back with. I want to avoid that this time even though he did do a good job.

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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