Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rants of a Pregnant Woman!

Sure blame it on the hormones! 

I have really tried my best to not let my hormones get the best of me.  I try and be nice to Stephen.  I try not to lose my cool with H.B.Nanna.  And I really try not to give my dog away when she won't stop following me.

I must be doing ok because everyone is still present and accounted for in my life.

That being said, there are some darn things that really get me going.

Like when someone feels the need to touch my belly. Please respect my space.

Or when someone tells me that I am large and that they don't think I will make it till July.  Seriously...who asked you?!

People who do not respond to emails.  I emailed you for a reason so please respond. I don't care if it is a week later...something is better then nothing.

Comments from the peanut gallery seem to be bothering me more then usual.  They don't even have to be about me.  I find myself biting my tongue more then normal and I am not normally a person of confrontation.

How about when you feel like you are the only person excited about something?  I know...been there, done that...but for the sake of the hormonal pregnant lady, can you at least pretend to be excited?!  Please and thank you.

Weekly doctors visits and ultrasounds.  Love that they want to monitor me more closely.  I feel better knowing exactly how I am progressing from week to week....but what a pain in yhe tookus. The schedule gives me appointments till a week after my due date.....oh H*E*L*L no!!  I am evicting this baby long before then!!

And this heat!  Goodness it is only April and we are in shorts and tank tops.  Whatever will I do till July?!  I told Stephen that I may never leave the air conditioning.

I could go on and on but who wants to listen to me. As Mom's we've been through this. It's nothing new. And when this is all said and done, there will come a point when we openly admit to missing it and even admit to how great pregnancy was.  {key word is at some point}  I mean really, how many times in your life can you really tell a person what you think and blame it on the hormones?!

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