Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!
It occurred to me this morning when the three of us were cuddling in bed that this could potentially be our last holiday as a family of three.  Of course Memorial Day is at the end of May but since H.B.Nanna was five weeks early, I wouldn't but it past Baby Boy to make an early entrance.  {He can't let his big sister show him up!!}

I don't know what to think of this.  For the last three years my holidays has revolved around H.B.Nanna.  Now they will revolve around my two children.  Wow.

In keeping with Easter tradition, of course H.B.Nanna has to be sick.  Her first Easter she was only a few months old and {if memory serves me right} still on her heart monitor.  Her second Easter she was one and had a 104 temperature.  While everyone was eating dinner, I was crying as I had her in the bathtub.  Her third Easter we had moved but traveled up to my parents for the weekend.  H.B.Nanna spent the weekend with a fever and throwing up.  This guessed it...another fever. So we decided to stay home and have a quite Easter. 

I think Easter was not meant to be our holiday.  Last night I told my Mom that I am not celebrating next year. I can't even imagine....

Friday night we dyed Easter eggs.  It was a struggle to get someone to agree to a smock but eventually she realized no smock = no egg dying.

Egg dyeing is exhausting..even when you are the dog! 

Quality control! 

Saturday we went to see the Easter Bunny.  It was obvious that H.B.Nanna wasn't feeling well. Her red cheeks said it all but I didn't want her to miss out. She did really well with Santa so I thought the Bunny would be no problem. So we waited to see the Bunny. She talked about how she was going to ask if his name was Pete {She kept asking if he was Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dressed up as a Bunny} Then it was her turn to see the Bunny. And she wanted nothing to do with him!  I told her I would go with her {thinking I would be able to sneak away} but she wouldn't even give him a high five.  I sat next to the Bunny and with lots of tickling we were able to get this picture -
{Please excuse the picture of a picture}

We came home and dealt with a sick H.B.Nanna and a sick Stephen. It was such a fun night that we forgot to leave carrots for the Bunny.  But amazingly enough he still found our house.  Amazing!

She just knew to bite the ears. Such a smart girl! 

This paint book was the highlight of the Easter basket.  
It's nap time at our house.  We are planning to have an Easter egg hunt after H.B.Nanna wakes up.  Then it is a quiet dinner including the mac and cheese I was supposed to take to my parents for dinner.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter with family and friends!

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