Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toddler Talk Thursday

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This week is a free week so I can talk about anything toddler related.

So let's talk about toddler haircuts.  I am just never prepared for them.

H.B.Nanna had a few trims when she was a baby but never anything major.  More or less just shape ups.

When we were in Disney in November/December 2011 H.B.Nanna had her hair cut in the Barber Shop on Main St. in the Magic Kingdom.  I was nervous and basically told the lady to cut less then I was originally planning for her to cut.

Since then, H.B.Nanna's hair has continued to grow like crazy.  Her new favorite game was to sit on the potty, put her head all the way back and let her hair tickle her biscuits. She of course would be so excited that her hair was in the potty.  At that point we decided she needed a real haircut!

Off to the hair cut store as H.B.Nanna calls it.  She told us she wanted bangs but she didn't want them to hurt {She really thought she was going to get banged on the head!}  I showed the girl how much to cut off the back. I was very proud of myself for not chickening out again!  Now all of H. B. Nanna's baby curls are really all gone.

H.B.Nanna of course thought that it was still to long and kept asking the girl to cut it shorter.  It took a lot of explaining but she finally agreed that the length was good.  Who knew that 3 year olds were so particular about their hair?!

I can only imagine that this is a sign of the things to come.  I would venture to say that this may be the easiest hair cut we ever have!


Jennifer Lissak said...

I'm lucky to have boys! Well, 1 2 year old boy and and 1 due in about a month.. but makes haircut decisions so much easier! We've done 3 haircuts on Main Street - I love that place.. seriously the best and a great deal!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Too cute! And I'm so jealous you got her haircut on Main Street! said...

Her new haircut is adorable