Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery

I have to start off by saying I always felt like I was meant to have a boy.  I love H.B.Nanna with all my heart.  She is my girl. My best friend forever {so she says now anyways}.  I knew I would have room in my heart to love another child, girl or boy but it makes me feel relieved {is that the right word?} to know that I won't have two girls to share that mother daughter bond with.  I will love my daughter the way you love a daughter and I will love my son the way you love a son. Each in their own special way.
We want to give both children special rooms.  I want H.B.Nanna's to be all things girly and Baby Boy's to be boyish.

Of course thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, my brain is flooded with ideas.  My original plan when I was pregnant with H.B.Nanna, was to have gender neutral bedding that I could use again.  I received one of those expensive bed in a bag sets with the fancy bumper, sheet, bed skirt and all the room accessories to go with it.  What they don't tell you is that the bumper is only for decoration and you don't actually use it once the child is in the crib. And the sheet, well that shrunk so much it doesn't fit on the mattress anymore.  If I only new then what I know now!!

I am loving the new breathable crib bumpers.  I wish these were more popular a few years ago.

I think that having a solid bumper will be great because I can use different sheets in different colors.  I won't feel restricted. I have white and red crib sheets that I can use again with Baby Boy.

I am loving the gray and white colors combination for a boys room.  Something he can grow with.  I don't love the sports/animals/trucks thing.  With H.B.Nanna her room {after we moved} was purple and we bought character sheets {Tinkerbell and Dora} to accommodate her favorite character of the week.

I really like this gray and white but maybe the gray will be a little darker. I don't know that I want the whole room done with stripes, probable just an accent wall while the other walls are gray.   I think accents is yellow, blue, green, red would be awesome. And boyish.

Our nursery furniture is a dark wood. H.B.Nanna is moving on to white big girl furniture.  The dark would will look good with the gray and white.  It is all in how you make it, right?

H.B.Nanna has quite a collection of books that she has said she would like to share with her brother. We have a bookshelf that was my Grandmothers that I often think about using in other areas of our home. I really like this idea for a book area in Baby Boy's room.

I've always liked this saying and if I am very extra creative one day I may attempt something like this.

I can't wait to actually do some of this stuff.  We have some things planned over the next few weeks but then it is full speed ahead.  I'll post some pictures as things progress.

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