Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinterest Recipes

Anyone who has discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest knows that there is a ridiculous amount of recipes. Some look good. Others not so much but that’s just my personal opinion.

We attempted two new recipes in our house. Stephen was on board once I told him what they were. In fact, he did all the cooking for one.

The first one that we tried was the Avocado Fries. When I was pregnant with H.B.Nanna I couldn’t get enough guacamole – apparently I like avocado in any form this pregnancy.

All I can say is - these are AMAZING!!  Stephen and I hate the whole thing.  And I could have had another.

The second recipe was for garlic lemon chicken with green beans and redskin potatoes. This was really good!  I am not a fan of all things lemon {I was never that kid that liked to eat lemons in a restaurant} but this was good.  I think that the next time we make it I will go a little lighter on the lemon.  It wasn’t overkill…but it was almost there.

This picture is from before it went into the oven. I forgot to take one when it came out.  I guess I was just that hungry!!

If you have any good Pinterest recipes you'd like to share, leave a comment.  Maybe I'll start a weekly recipe review.

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