Friday, February 3, 2012

My Big News

So as I hinted at yesterday, there is some exciting news I want to share. I am a little late in the game with sharing the news but as they say…better late then never.

Baby #2 is on the way!!!

We are so excited for this new addition to our family. Adding to our little family is something we had been talking about for a while. There were a lot of things that needed to happen before we could really think seriously about it. But then the time was right.

The day I was due for my period my parents were visiting for the day. We planned to go to lunch and to work on some Disney plans. Every woman knows that the day Aunt Flo should arrive, every time you visit the potty you fear for what you might find. Well I felt like I was going lots of extra times that day. Stephen knew what day it was so he would give me the look that said “anything yet??” and I would give the “nope” look right back.

As soon as my parents left I wanted to test. But I only had 1 test left. I automatically thought about it being negative because it was the end of the day and not my first tinkle of the day {yes, I just said tinkle}. So I waited. I woke up about 3 am feeling like my bladder might explode. So I tested. At 3 am. And I saw this….

I know it is a blurry picture....again it was 3am!!

I got back in bed and did the ol “Are you awake?” to Stephen knowing full well he probably wasn’t. He startled and asked if everything was ok. I of course said yes and put the pregnancy test in his face. I knew he was awake then. We were both really surprised and excited. I of course couldn’t go back to sleep.

We had plans with my in-laws that day and I was bound and determined not to share the news. Success! We managed to hold out a couple of weeks before we told our families. I of course was dying to tell someone so I shared the new with a few girlfriends who were more then glad to keep my secret.

Currently my due date is set for July 7th but I was 5 week early with H.B.Nanna. They are watching me closely {which I am totally fine with} and I am hoping I can make it to 37 weeks this time. I’d also like to not spend the 4th of July weekend at the hospital.

I’ll post my belly picture and weekly pregnancy update on Monday.

Have a great weekend!!!

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behind the fourth door said...

Congrats (again)! My mom is going to be very excited that you're blogging again and about the exciting news :)