Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Disney Recap

Black Friday evening my parents arrived and the car was loaded.   After all we needed to be on the road at 4am and who wants to load the car in the dark. We drove through the day with potty stops and food stops as necessary.  There was napping, movie watching, game playing…whatever we could do to entertain H.B.Nanna during the ride.

We stopped and spent the night in Georgia.  My Mom thought ahead and picked a hotel exactly 4 hours from Disney.  It was nice waking and knowing that we didn’t have a full day of driving ahead of us.  We were all rested and out the door early.  Somehow we made it there early.  {I think we were all excited to get there!}

We stayed at the Coronado Springs hotel and I highly recommend it. It is considered a moderate resort and while you pay a little bit more, it is so worth it. I have had my fair share of stays at the cheaper resorts and I have to say….once you go moderate it is hard to go back. We had adjoining rooms with my parents and it worked out great. H.B.Nanna would get up in the morning and go visit Nanni and Pop Pop.

We had 4 full days in Disney in addition to the afternoon we arrived. It was not enough time to see everything {in my opinion}. Hollywood Studios didn’t have enough for H.B.Nanna. We had a second half day planned there and opted not to go because we honestly didn’t know what we would do.

Animal Kingdom was nice but again was a quick visit. We had lunch at the Tusker House and it was awesome! One of the best meals we had all week!

We spent the majority of the rest of our trip in the Magic Kingdom and we still didn’t see it all. I suppose that is what happens when you have a child who loves princesses. We spent a good deal of time waiting for autographs but she left with her book full and she was very excited about that.

One night we were heading out of the Magic Kingdom and noticed that the wait to meet the princesses was only 30 minutes. It was 9pm before we saw them but it was so worth it. H.B.Nanna was so excited to see “her girls” that it didn’t matter that she was exhausted. People have told me we were crazy for waiting in line that long at night but I think it was better then the 2 hour wait during the day.

H.B.Nanna had her hair cut and done at the Barber Shop in the Magic Kingdom. It was awesome! She wasn’t old enough for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and I am kinda glad. She loved her hair and I think that on our next trip we will stick with the Barber Shop. It helped that it was a quarter of the price of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I definitely recommend it to anyone planning a trip.

We are already talking about our next trip.  H.B.Nanna is asking when we are going again.  We would like to go sooner rather then later but I think we need to wait until Baby #2 is about H.B.Nanna’s age {now} when we go. We learned what not to do and what we would like to do on our next trip. 

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