Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

The forecast for the week said nothing but rain.  And while I enjoy rainy days at home sometimes you just need to get out!

The rain stopped long enough Saturday morning for us to take Hanna to pick pumpkins.  I had called around to see where we could pick our own but was sadden to learn that many crops had been lost thanks to Irene.  The one place we called said they had pumpkins and that they had placed them on the field so the kids could get the affect of picking their own pumpkins.  Off we went in search of pumpkins.

We were greeted by this friendly guy.

Hanna of course wanted to see the baby :)

 It's takes big muscles to pull this wagon!

I was surprised at the amount of pumpkins and the beautiful mums we found. I am so glad that the hurricane didn't destroy this farm completely and that this small family business is able to operate.

{That's my support your local business plug!}

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