Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beer, Apples and Pumpkins

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to have a child free weekend.  This almost never happens. 

I mean it could happen more often but we never ask for it.  I truly enjoy spending my time with my daughter, crazy monkey that she can be. But as any parent knows, it is healthy to have a little break every once in a while.

So off H.B Nanna went to Nanni and Pop Pop's house...2.5 hours away. Just me and the husband for roughly 48 hours. I think some were hoping we'd spend our time well you know....working on baby #2 but sadly there timing was off.

What do parents do while their child is away??  Go to a beer fest. Yep.  27 breweries and over 100 beers.  LOVE.

This is Pete and Eva.  Pete was the BM in our wedding.
Eva rocks over at thefourthdoor

Here is the Hubs and I.
Before he was really drunk ;)

So while we were off drinking H.B. Nanna was apple and pumpkin picking with Nanni and Pop Pop.

I'd say we all had a great weekend!

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TIFFANY said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!