Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kissing Already?!

Yesterday it happened.  My baby girl kissed a boy.

It went something like this:

H.B.Nanna - "I want a kiss."

Boy - "Ok!"

And then they pecked each other on the lips.

Not the cheek.

The lips.

Granted he is a nice boy but she is 2 and a half. 

Today before she left for daycare I told her that I am not ready for her to kiss boys.  I told her that if she really wants to kiss the boys she has to give them a kiss on the cheek.  "Like this?" she asks. 

I don't think she was happy with me this morning.

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Hello I'm Lala! said...

Awww.. my son is 27 months and he has gone up to older girls (ages 4 or 5) in the play area and kissed them or tried to kiss them. They just back away and say, "Ewww." But he's very affectionate and wants to be nice. I'm trying to teach him boundaries and polite etiquette, but it's hard at 2 years old.