Friday, July 29, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Ask my husband about how hard it is to get H.B. Nanna to say she is sorry for doing something wrong and he will tell you that she gets that from her mother.

He would be telling the truth. It's not something I like doing. I don't always like admitting I am wrong.
But who does?!

Yesterday was quite a scene in our house. I was told not to talk and that she “wasn't listening to what I had to say” and that “she didn't care”. {She is 2 by the way!!}

30 awful, tear-filled minutes later, I was told she needed “1 more minute” before she could say she was sorry. And there were more tears. It was like I was pulling her teeth out. {I wasn't!}

Finally she mumbled something that sounded like she was sorry.

This is how the rest of the evening went.  H.B. Nanna on one couch.  Me on the other. 
And she wouldn't look at me.
Except when Clifford was over and she wanted to watch another.

I will feel sorry for my husband once puberty hits in our house!!

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