Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday

Today's topic on Toddler Talk Tursday is: How are you keeping your toddler busy this summer?

That's a great question and one I am looking for an answer to.

Of course since we live so close to the beach we plan to spend lots of time there.  You'd be amazed at how tired a toddler can get after only 3 or 4 hours on the beach!

Hanna is still in daycare 3 times a week so I'm covered there, right??

That leaves me still with a few days....
Since I am still wearing my arm sling {only 6 days to go!} and not driving yet I am limited to being able to pick up and go. Even after the sling comes off, I will be able to go but I won't be able to do the pick up part for several more weeks.

Weekend visitors are always good for entertainment. Heck, even day trippers are good.

So yeah..I don't think there is a real "Keep Hanna Entertained Plan" in place in our house this summer. 
We are kind of just flying by the seats of our pants!

Sippy Cup Mom

Next week's topic suggestion - What is your best toddler travel tip?


Heather said...

We are a fly by the seat... family too. You are lucky to be close to the beach. I am looking forward to exhausting my girls at the beach next week on vacation.

Oh, and blue Dum-Dum lolli-pops are coveted items around here!

bonnie cottam said...

I keep my 2 yo son busy by going for walks to the post office and the library. He loves to go for walks and on the way I point out all the things we see, like pretty flowers and birds. He does a good job of pointing things our he likes too. He likes to play in his little pool. He loves to help me water the flowers in our yard too. We do just everyday things mostly but I make them seem fun and exciting. Picnics on our lawn are a lot of fun too.

When we went to the beach on vacation, my son HATED the ocean. He liked playing on the sand but wouldn't get close to the water.

Have a great day!


Lala said...

Nothing wrong with taking it day by day ;-).
What a cutie you have there!!

Stopping by from Toddler Talk and am a new follower now.
Enjoy your Thursday.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

So jealous you are that close to the beach! Hayden ia always wiped when we go!