Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Things

Some random stuff since I am blogging from Nook and there are no pictures on here.

* Hanna is really struggling with cleaning up toys. At school she told them she was not cleaning up and so she didn't get any gummy bears. She came home and told me her teacher was mean.

After dinner we needed to clean up the disaster areas in our living room and family room. When we started in the living room she told me she was not cleaning up. I didn't get upset. I went and got a trash bag. I told her if she didn't clean up her toys I was going to put them in a trash bag and give them to the trash man. I filled the bag and started to head towards the back door and she started yelling that she wanted to clean up. Go Mommy! After she cleaned up we moved upstairs to the family room where the exact same thing happened. She was rewarded with some tv time before bed.

I know it might not have been the best way to handle it but it worked. I am hoping we don't have to go through this to many more times before she gets the idea.

* Fingers crossed that when I see the doctor Wednesday he tells me I don't have to wear the arm sling anymore. Fingers crossed!!!!

* Last night my Dad asked Hanna if she was happy. Her response went something like um....I don't know. I don't know if I am happy. This child cracks me up!

* Two weddings next year!! Oh my!

* I don't like when the weather forecast calls for a heat index of 105. Yuck.

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