Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is all I could come up with today my blog friends.

  • Exhausted. Yep, that is what I am. 5 human visitors, a dog visitor and a husband out of town {all in 1 week} make me one tired Mama. Don’t forget to add in a transition to the toddler bed.
  • Karma is a biznitch. Yesterday I posted about how wonderful the toddler bed transition was going. Don’t you know my little darling decided to test us last night. 4 trips up for Daddy and 1 for Mommy before she finally went to bed.
  • Is it strange that I am excited to be getting an MRI next week? I’ve had a nagging shoulder pain for 3 years now and I am FINALLY doing something about it.
  • The weather was beautiful last weekend {as in we reached 80!!} and it’s only going to the upper 40’s later this week. Boo :(
  • I received information on a toddler gymnastics class for Hanna. It’s on a morning I don’t work and the Mommy in me is thinking that it will really tire her out for nap time. It’s 9 weeks. Then Stephen asked me if I would rather do that for the next 9 weeks then take her to the beach on my day off. Ugh. I’ll be really mad if it doesn’t rain on a Monday morning for the next 9 weeks.

And a picture because certain family members get upset if there arent pictures :)

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Becki said...

My aunt is my BFF :-)