Friday, March 11, 2011


*In the last month Hanna has had double pink eye, double ear infections and strep throat. That's all better.  Now she is working on molars I think cause she is cranky and will not let anyone but Mommy brush her teeth. Fun.

*I don't like work travel.

*I am starting to think Hanna is getting closer to being ready for the toddler bed.  I would really like to get her 100% potty trained first. She still wears pull ups for naps and at night.

*My awesome husband has started the P90x and is dropping the pounds pretty quickly.  It isn't fair that men can lose weight faster then women.

*Last week I went to my __ (insert decent number here - I've lost count) Bon Jovi concert.  Seriously that man (yes you Jon incase you are reading - haha) gets hotter and hotter with every concert.

*We may (as in my husand and I) have an opportunity for an over night getaway in April that isn't just to a wedding.  This is really exciting to me as it is long over due. Yes..I know it's the little things in life.

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Eclipsed said...

Oh I love me some Bon Jovi and the whole idea of the toddler bed terrifies me. I sent you an e-mail yesterday about the giveaway (the one you one and the one I won) but I'm guessing you didn't get it so I just sent you another one.