Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy Time

Every Mommy knows that just Mommy time or even quality Mommy and Daddy doesn’t happen as often as we need it to or we would like it to.

And sometimes it can be quite a long time before it happens. But when it does happen I find it hard to stop thinking about my family and the things I need to do at home. It’s hard to shut that part of my brain off.

Yesterday Stephen and I went to lunch together. No Hanna. Most All of the conversation revolved around Hanna. Then we went shopping. For Hanna.

Last night we had dreams of watching a movie. Hanna never went to bed till 10 and I knew at that point I would not last through a whole movie. While I love my daughter more than life itself, I really miss my quite time at night before I am ready for bed. I loved the days when she was in bed at 8 and I could have a glass of wine and catch up on shows, blog, read a book, take a bath, whatever I wanted really. Now that it is 9:30 – 9:45 before she is asleep, I have traded my wine for cookies and milk in bed.

Today I am going for a pedicure. Or so that is the plan. I told Stephen I would wait till she was down for a nap. I need the time alone, even if it is only for 45 minutes. I need the time to recharge me. I don’t know how much recharging I can do in 45 minutes but something is better then nothing, right? I am going to try not to think about things at home. Maybe I will take my Nook.

All I know is that I am really looking forward to it. Like really looking forward to it!

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