Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing Up!

Last week Stephen was away for work and Hanna starting hanging like a monkey on her crib. She even showed me how she planned to escape.

I made her promise she wouldn’t climb out till Daddy came home. We even shook on it.

Yes, she is 2.

The week went by slowly but there was no jumping from the ship. I have a new found tremendous respect for single parents btw.

Stephen arrived home Friday morning and you better believe by noon we were out shopping for a toddler bed. My feeling was that I wanted to switch her before we were forced to.  {i.e. she climbs out and lands on her head}

Conveniently enough daycare switched her from a pack and play to a toddler bed that day and she did wonderfully. This gave me high hopes.

We picked her up from daycare and went home to assemble the new big girl bed. If you ask Hanna about her new bed she will tell you that Daddy made it.

As soon as it was assembled she was in it. Before the mattress was on. We got her off, put the mattress on and she climbed back on. Then she refused to get off. As in no dinner just bed. Ummmm ok.

This made me very nervous because I thought we were being set up for a disastrous night. I am very happy to say that I was very wrong.

Stephen and I put her to bed and I explained that she could not get out of bed until Mommy came and got her. My child {who will tell you her ears are broken because she doesn’t listen} actually listened.

It is Monday and I have nothing but great things to say about the transition.  Hanna was ready. I was not.  But I am coping.  I have cried twice this weekend.  And I am not a crier. I think it is the whole my baby isn’t a baby but she will always be my baby thing. I wasn’t ready for this yet.


Hanna was very helpful in assembling her bed ;)

You can't see her face but she was so excited to see her bed all done. 
I believe she was singing about her big girl bed.

Trying it out while it is still in the middle of the room!

 Hanna's new big girl bed :)

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bonnie cottam said...

I know about cryig becasue your baby is growing up! My little boy is 2 and in his own big boy bed too. When I look at him I think where did 2 years go!

Love you blog posts btw. I have been a follower for a while.

Have a great day!