Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Party 2 of 2 Recap

As I mentioned here H.B. Nana was lucky enough to have 2 birthday parties. Back in January.
Yes, I know this Friday is April 1st.

Nannie and PopPop hosted our family and friends at their house for a Dora party.

It was a casual party with good food and great company.

No party is complete without someone getting a boo boo. 
At this party it was the birthday girl.
She tumbled down all of the steps to the basement. Thank goodness for carpet.
Her poor little chin was red for days.

While we were visiting we made a trip to the aquarium.
We had a great time see all of the exhibits. 

The Dora 4D show was awesome.  She wanted to see it again. 

Hanna didn't want to touch anything except for the jelly fish.  Strange.

I love that we are able to do these sort of things with Hanna now.
While I wish she would stay a baby forever it is nice to experience things and places like this with a toddler.
It's like being a child all over again :)

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