Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy Time

Every Mommy knows that just Mommy time or even quality Mommy and Daddy doesn’t happen as often as we need it to or we would like it to.

And sometimes it can be quite a long time before it happens. But when it does happen I find it hard to stop thinking about my family and the things I need to do at home. It’s hard to shut that part of my brain off.

Yesterday Stephen and I went to lunch together. No Hanna. Most All of the conversation revolved around Hanna. Then we went shopping. For Hanna.

Last night we had dreams of watching a movie. Hanna never went to bed till 10 and I knew at that point I would not last through a whole movie. While I love my daughter more than life itself, I really miss my quite time at night before I am ready for bed. I loved the days when she was in bed at 8 and I could have a glass of wine and catch up on shows, blog, read a book, take a bath, whatever I wanted really. Now that it is 9:30 – 9:45 before she is asleep, I have traded my wine for cookies and milk in bed.

Today I am going for a pedicure. Or so that is the plan. I told Stephen I would wait till she was down for a nap. I need the time alone, even if it is only for 45 minutes. I need the time to recharge me. I don’t know how much recharging I can do in 45 minutes but something is better then nothing, right? I am going to try not to think about things at home. Maybe I will take my Nook.

All I know is that I am really looking forward to it. Like really looking forward to it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Party 2 of 2 Recap

As I mentioned here H.B. Nana was lucky enough to have 2 birthday parties. Back in January.
Yes, I know this Friday is April 1st.

Nannie and PopPop hosted our family and friends at their house for a Dora party.

It was a casual party with good food and great company.

No party is complete without someone getting a boo boo. 
At this party it was the birthday girl.
She tumbled down all of the steps to the basement. Thank goodness for carpet.
Her poor little chin was red for days.

While we were visiting we made a trip to the aquarium.
We had a great time see all of the exhibits. 

The Dora 4D show was awesome.  She wanted to see it again. 

Hanna didn't want to touch anything except for the jelly fish.  Strange.

I love that we are able to do these sort of things with Hanna now.
While I wish she would stay a baby forever it is nice to experience things and places like this with a toddler.
It's like being a child all over again :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is all I could come up with today my blog friends.

  • Exhausted. Yep, that is what I am. 5 human visitors, a dog visitor and a husband out of town {all in 1 week} make me one tired Mama. Don’t forget to add in a transition to the toddler bed.
  • Karma is a biznitch. Yesterday I posted about how wonderful the toddler bed transition was going. Don’t you know my little darling decided to test us last night. 4 trips up for Daddy and 1 for Mommy before she finally went to bed.
  • Is it strange that I am excited to be getting an MRI next week? I’ve had a nagging shoulder pain for 3 years now and I am FINALLY doing something about it.
  • The weather was beautiful last weekend {as in we reached 80!!} and it’s only going to the upper 40’s later this week. Boo :(
  • I received information on a toddler gymnastics class for Hanna. It’s on a morning I don’t work and the Mommy in me is thinking that it will really tire her out for nap time. It’s 9 weeks. Then Stephen asked me if I would rather do that for the next 9 weeks then take her to the beach on my day off. Ugh. I’ll be really mad if it doesn’t rain on a Monday morning for the next 9 weeks.

And a picture because certain family members get upset if there arent pictures :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing Up!

Last week Stephen was away for work and Hanna starting hanging like a monkey on her crib. She even showed me how she planned to escape.

I made her promise she wouldn’t climb out till Daddy came home. We even shook on it.

Yes, she is 2.

The week went by slowly but there was no jumping from the ship. I have a new found tremendous respect for single parents btw.

Stephen arrived home Friday morning and you better believe by noon we were out shopping for a toddler bed. My feeling was that I wanted to switch her before we were forced to.  {i.e. she climbs out and lands on her head}

Conveniently enough daycare switched her from a pack and play to a toddler bed that day and she did wonderfully. This gave me high hopes.

We picked her up from daycare and went home to assemble the new big girl bed. If you ask Hanna about her new bed she will tell you that Daddy made it.

As soon as it was assembled she was in it. Before the mattress was on. We got her off, put the mattress on and she climbed back on. Then she refused to get off. As in no dinner just bed. Ummmm ok.

This made me very nervous because I thought we were being set up for a disastrous night. I am very happy to say that I was very wrong.

Stephen and I put her to bed and I explained that she could not get out of bed until Mommy came and got her. My child {who will tell you her ears are broken because she doesn’t listen} actually listened.

It is Monday and I have nothing but great things to say about the transition.  Hanna was ready. I was not.  But I am coping.  I have cried twice this weekend.  And I am not a crier. I think it is the whole my baby isn’t a baby but she will always be my baby thing. I wasn’t ready for this yet.


Hanna was very helpful in assembling her bed ;)

You can't see her face but she was so excited to see her bed all done. 
I believe she was singing about her big girl bed.

Trying it out while it is still in the middle of the room!

 Hanna's new big girl bed :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


A few weeks ago my darling husband received this cheeky monkey t-shirt in the mail. He didn't know he was getting it and was pleasantly surprised.

What was great about this t-shirt was that my husband actually liked it. {He can be just a little picky!}

The material is nice and the printing is well done. After washing it the shirt looked just as nice as when it was initially received.

If you are looking to have t-shirts {mens, ladies or kids} or hats or tanks printed I recommend you check out

Friday, March 11, 2011


*In the last month Hanna has had double pink eye, double ear infections and strep throat. That's all better.  Now she is working on molars I think cause she is cranky and will not let anyone but Mommy brush her teeth. Fun.

*I don't like work travel.

*I am starting to think Hanna is getting closer to being ready for the toddler bed.  I would really like to get her 100% potty trained first. She still wears pull ups for naps and at night.

*My awesome husband has started the P90x and is dropping the pounds pretty quickly.  It isn't fair that men can lose weight faster then women.

*Last week I went to my __ (insert decent number here - I've lost count) Bon Jovi concert.  Seriously that man (yes you Jon incase you are reading - haha) gets hotter and hotter with every concert.

*We may (as in my husand and I) have an opportunity for an over night getaway in April that isn't just to a wedding.  This is really exciting to me as it is long over due. Yes..I know it's the little things in life.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am so behind in blogging.  Hanna's birthday was at the beginning of January and yeah, still haven't told you all about the lucky girl who had 2 birthday parties for her 2nd birthday.

My Dad reminds me weekly that there is a lack in Hanna pictures. My Mom was smart and joined FB so she can get the mobile uploads in real time ;)

I mean seriously...what is taking up so much of my time that I can't put together a blog post?  Oh I don't know...

Maybe a little of this..

And a lot of this....

They are both good excuses right?!?  :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kalla's Kreations Giveaway Winner

Sorry I am a little late with the winner.

Congratulations to Eclipsed!

I'll be sending you an email with details soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Go Go Soup

Really that is what it is called? Yep.

There is a large soup manufacturer who makes soup in different character shapes that my daughter enjoys. We don’t eat it regularly but it a nice easy, once in a while lunch.

After seeing how much she enjoyed it, I made some easy chili one day and we called it Go Go soup. {Go Go is what she calls a certain boy explorer}

This chili is super easy and not spicy so Hanna can enjoy it.

I make smaller portions so this may need to be doubled if necessary.

1 15.5 ounce can of dark/light red kidney beans

1 15.5 ounce can of garbanzo beans

1 15.5 ounce can of great northern beans

1 8 ounce can of tomato sauce

1 15.5 ounce can of diced tomatoes

1 onion chopped

½ cup chopped zucchini

1 lb cooked ground beef

¼ teaspoon chili powder

¼ teaspoon cumin

1 clove chopped garlic

Cook the ground beef, seasoning with salt and pepper. Place all of the ingredients into your slow cooker. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours, stirring occasionally.

When serving I top the chili with shredded cheese.