Thursday, January 20, 2011

Becoming Binky Free

I guess you could say we were fortunate with our experience to ditch the binky. While it was relatively painless for Hanna it was a bit harder of a step for me.

Like any big milestone a child has, losing the binky {for good} really signifies that your “baby” isn’t a “baby” anymore. And that is hard.

Hanna had been experiencing some breakouts along her mouth only where the binky was. I refused to buy new ones. We had talked about ditching the binky when she turned 2. That was the plan or so I thought.

One day in early December Stephen arrived home after picking Hanna up from daycare and announced that we were done with the binky. I was sick in bed and told him he was picking a bad time for this because I was not up to dealing with all the tears that I had envisioned would be shed when we finally took this big step. I made sure he understood that this was all on him.

Boy was I wrong. Hanna gave her binky to Ollie {our elf on the shelf} and Ollie took it to Santa. The first night there was only about 15 minutes of tears then she slept great. The next day she went to daycare without the binky {and the woobie – bad Daddy!} and did great. After that, she has never asked for it again.

Before this happened I had asked some Mommy friends how they went about loosing the binky. I received some great tips that I thought I’d share.

One of the cutest ideas I heard was to take your child and binky to one of those bear building places and before they close the bear up, have your child put the binky in the bear. This way they are never completely without the binky.

Then there was the cut the end off the binky trick. It seemed that having your child assist you in cutting the end off was a little more effective.

I was also told that having your child physically give the binky to someone worked really well. A neighbor or family friend {someone your child doesn’t see on a daily basis} was a popular choice because then your child can’t ask for it back. I suppose that this is similar to the approach we {or should I say my husband} took and it really was effective.

I hope that when the time comes to ditch the binky in your home, you have relatively painless experience. If you have any advice on the topic that you’d like to share, please do.

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HeartBabyHome said...

About 4 months after we weaned my daughter off her binky, she started having terrible nightmares (night terrors). It was a really hard decision, but I finally decided to offer her a binky again to help her get passed the nightmares. It helped some when nothing else could comfort her.
We let her have it for another 3 months....and when it was time to wean again, she took it well.