Monday, December 27, 2010


We moved to the beach in the fall. Ok, so we are not right on the beach but we are 6 miles inland from the beach. It is a lot closer then the 45 minutes to an hour we were before.

So why is it that we have had so much snow already this winter? We were hit with a "whopping" 3 inches in early December and well the snow yesterday…I can’t give you an exact amount. It is still blowing everywhere!

{For the record both snow storms don't compare to what we experienced last winter in New Jersey!}

Hanna has had snow now for both her first and second Christmas. Lucky girl!!

During the first snow fall Hanna just wanted to slide and swing.   

What a great way to clear the slide! 
Poor girl had lots of snow up her back though!! 

 There were lots of extra layers required to get out the door today. 
Dressing took 10 minutes. 
Total time in the snow - 5 minutes!!

There is a street and driveway out there. 

I don't think we can play with these today :)

Tomorrow we are really looking forward to taking a ride to the beach to see the snow there.  I've always wanted to see snow on the beach :)

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