Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TV Stands and a Giveaway!

Sometimes the unpacking and decorating of a new home is a never ending process. We’ve only been in our new home two and a half months and there are still entirely too many totes that have not been unpacked. I guess I should look at it as things I apparently don’t really need.

Our upstairs family room has lots of windows and we have a large tv. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to arrange the room and maximize the space for Hanna’s toys without completely cluttering the room. The option of hanging the tv on the wall doesn’t really work for us {right now} and so we are looking at a corner tv stand.

The problem is I have a lot of requirements. I’d like cabinet doors {that could be child proofed, if necessary} and I want something that doesn’t look cheap. I went right to CSN Stores because there is such a selection I knew I could find something there.

I really like both of these but just like most other big purchases, this isn’t an easy decision.

The great people over at CSN Stores are offering one of my readers a $35 gift card to use on any of their 200+ websites. I am sure there is something that you really wanted to receive during the holidays and haven’t.

To enter the giveaway, you can do one or all of the following. The more you do the more chances you have to win. This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only, sorry.

1.Publicly follow my blog (or leave a comment saying you already do).
2.Visit CSN Stores and tell me what you would buy with your gift card.
3.Blog about this contest.
4.Vote for us on on Top Baby Blogs by clicking the button at the top of my blog.

The contest will end on January 4, 2011 and a winner will be announced on January 5, 2011.

Monday, December 27, 2010


We moved to the beach in the fall. Ok, so we are not right on the beach but we are 6 miles inland from the beach. It is a lot closer then the 45 minutes to an hour we were before.

So why is it that we have had so much snow already this winter? We were hit with a "whopping" 3 inches in early December and well the snow yesterday…I can’t give you an exact amount. It is still blowing everywhere!

{For the record both snow storms don't compare to what we experienced last winter in New Jersey!}

Hanna has had snow now for both her first and second Christmas. Lucky girl!!

During the first snow fall Hanna just wanted to slide and swing.   

What a great way to clear the slide! 
Poor girl had lots of snow up her back though!! 

 There were lots of extra layers required to get out the door today. 
Dressing took 10 minutes. 
Total time in the snow - 5 minutes!!

There is a street and driveway out there. 

I don't think we can play with these today :)

Tomorrow we are really looking forward to taking a ride to the beach to see the snow there.  I've always wanted to see snow on the beach :)

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We had a wonderful time with our family friends on Christmas Day and the days leading up to it.

Christmas Eve started with a visit from Brandon {Hanna’s Godfather} and Hanna was lucky enough to receive a china tea set and a cooking apron set. Of course the tea set will be put away until I think she is ready for it {i.e. won’t throw it at the dog!} but the apron is necessary for her to “cook” since she is pretending to do that a lot now.

Then we were off on our traditional Christmas Eve lunch with my Dad. It started when my sister and I were younger as a way for my Dad to get us out of the house so my Mom could get some things done. Well our family has grown and the lunch crowd has grown. We tried a new place near my parent’s house that was a little more child friendly.
Christmas Eve my parents had their normal open house. The crowd has gotten much smaller as families grow and new traditions begin. Stephen and I did not attend church because we wanted to be there to help Santa find Hanna at Grandma and Granpa’s house.

I was {still am a little} upset that we forgot to leave cookies and milk out for Santa. I realized about 10 minutes after Hanna went to bed. I could probably have woken her to help me but with my luck she would not have wanted to go back to sleep.

Christmas morning Hanna was kind enough to sleep till about 7:15.  Aunt Becki and Laci {the dog} arrived before Hanna and well pretty much all of us woke up.   We started to open some presents and then we were joined by our big extended family.  It was a nice relaxing Christmas morning.

 We wanted to be on our way to Stephen’s family by about noon and I am pleased to say we actually left on time. Shocking! When we got there we put Hanna down for her nap and all the “big” kids opened their presents. We did a pollyanna this year with all of the children. It was a nice change and meant there was more room in the car for all of Hanna’s stuff! When Hanna woke from her nap it was time for her to open presents and for us all to have dinner.

We had planned to stay overnight with Stephen’s family but the forecasters were calling for a blizzard that was to start early the next morning so we opted to leave right after dinner. We made it home in good time though we did drive through some snow. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas already?

I can not believe that Chistmas is here. This year has gone quickly or so it seems to me.

I'm ready. The gifts are all wrapped. We've reached our travel destination. Now we are just counting down the hours.

I'm trying to savor every moment with Hanna because she is only nearly 2 (!) for 1 Christmas. If only her 2 year molars felt the same way!

Yesterday she was lucky enough to see "the big guy" twice in 1 day. First it was to the mall with Grammy and Grampy. She didn't cry but she wasn't talking or looking at him either. Then last night while we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house Santa came by on the fire truck. When he was gone she cried and cried because she wanted "Santa back." This is quite a dramatic change from the first time we saw him earlier in the month. There was nothinv but tears then and all of Ocean City Maryland knew Hanna was visiting Santa.

I have lots of pictures to share but I don't have access to them from my Nook. Yep, Santa came early to give Mommy her present. Wasn't that nice of him??

I have a great giveaway to tell you about but that is for another post :)

Talk to you soon :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It is amazing how hectic your life can be once you have a child. Not in the always having to be here or there sense but hectic in the sense that normal, routine things are near impossible to do until nap or bed time. And when nap or bed time finally comes around {and some days it seems like an eternity till that time} you are usually too tired to do what needs to be done.

So is the story of my life. Blogging seems to have taken a back seat lately to spending time with family, adjusting to our new home and new town/state and virtually everything else I need to do. And I feel bad because there are 3 {ok maybe 4} faithful readers that I am sure are feeling ignored :)

I know that New Year’s is only a few {short} weeks away and I am making mew resolution now. To be a better blogger.

It’s not like I don’t have things to blog about. Hanna’s vocabulary has quadrupled since she started daycare. She now insists on going to the potty all by herself {we are still working on the wiping by herself though} and don’t you dare try and help her. She is now 100% binky free!!!! Hanna has a little boyfriend at daycare {yep!} and is making lots of new friends. We are trying all kinds of new recipes and I have lots of great thrift store finds to share.

And it’s not as though I am lacking in recent pictures. There are many many of those to share.

So please stay tuned my friends…..