Monday, November 8, 2010

Reality TV

I am thinking about giving up TV. Crazy, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch TV. I have certain shows on certain nights. Thank goodness for our dvr and the ability to watch missed shows on the internet.

But lately I feel as though some of the shows are becoming too real. They are more graphic and push the limits as much as they can. Some of it is quite disturbing to me. I think it is because some of the stories they portray really happen to people and everyone knows someone who knows someone.

I’ve talked with some friends about this quite a few times in the last year. Most of them are moms and they all agreed that shows affect them differently now that they have had children. Any storyline affecting children sends us into tears. Pets too. Why is that? Blame it on hormones I guess.

I remember watching Meet the Fockers when I was pregnant and having a panic attack over the storyline. Silly I know. Even sillier because I had already seen the movie and I knew what happened.

Then there was the episode of American Dad {not a show I normally watch; in fact it was the first and last time I ever saw it} where the parents got divorced because he found out she had been with a lot of men before they were married. They divorced so he could sleep with another woman. The storyline got so crazy that someone ended up in jail and he married the women he divorced his wife to sleep with. Someone may have died too. I can’t remember exactly because the show gave me nightmares for 2 days. Now if it comes on when we are watching TV, the channel has to be changed right away.
Last night we were watching one of my favorite abc dramas from last week. The story line had me crying and gave me such anxiety that I was up for hours before I could fall asleep. The prank calls to my husbands cell phone at midnight did not help any either.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think TV shows should do that to me. Granted all of the Explorer episodes I watch don’t leave me feeling this way. {Although that fox can be rather sneaky}

Does anyone else feel this way?

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behind the fourth door said...

After watching Saving Private Ryan I was up for HOURS! I was so freaked out that made Pete stay up and talk to me about until I could calm down enough to sleep.

I hope the prank call wasn't code for "send me that gross picture" text message from my husband... ;)

Oh, don't EVER watch Changeling.