Friday, November 12, 2010

Proper Park Etiquette?

This morning Hanna and I went to the park. Under normal circumstances I usually leave with some great photos and that makes for a happy Mommy.

Unfortunately there were no photos today. I left with a frown and some questions that hopefully won’t offend anyone.

There were two young girls {my guess is 4/5ish and 6/7ish} that were there with their Grandmother. The Grandmother was not friendly AT ALL. And she wasn’t overly concerned with making sure her granddaughters were being well behaved.

The youngest girl, Maddy was a huge fan of Hanna’s. So much so that she like to hug her by grabbing her at the throat and pulling her in closely to rub foreheads. Awesome.

The oldest girl, Samantha was more interested in pushing Hanna out of the way to go down the slide before her. Awesome.

And yet the Grandmother never corrected them or asked them to stop. Never.

I started saying “let’s take turns” or “Hanna you can go once the other girls have gone” and you would think that would maybe make her speak up. No.

She did talk to me twice. Once was to ask if Hanna’s name was also Maddy. Then to tell me how cold she was.

At what point is ok to ask another parent/grandparent to control/discipline their child? At what point is it ok to ask a child not to do something when it is affecting your child?

I am quite certain we will be frequently visiting this park {it’s a block from the beach!! :)} and I want to make sure I am up to speed on toddler park etiquette.

I wouldn’t be lying when I said that I was happy to see them leave. It was nice to have the whole park to ourselves until the next little girl arrived…..

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Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

Ugh. This type of thing drives me CRAZY. I could go on and on about my most recent experience with awful park etiquette, but yours is stated so perfectly. I feel your frustrations.