Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fight for Preemies

I love the month of November.  Yes, the weather gets cooler {but not usually to cold, depending on where you live that is} and of course there is Turkey Day!! But November is even better because it is Prematurity Awareness Month. 

As you may know from reading the blog, our family is big supporters of the March of Dimes.  They do great things and are really trying to find answers as to why premature birth happens.

Novemeber 17th is National Fight for Preemies day. To join the fight go here,  sign up and then spread the word.

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Boondocks MaMa said...

Hi! Found you on Follow Me ChickaDee blog hop. Thanks for your post on Preemies and March of Dimes. My daughter was 6 weeks early and spend two weeks in the NICU, so this cause is close to our hearts as well!