Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disney Live

Last Sunday we were fortunate enough to take Hanna to see Disney Live in Salisbury.  For day leading up to it I kept telling her we were going to go see Mickey and Minnie {or as she says Mimmie and Mimmie}.

It was our first time visiting this particular venue and we were really pleasantly surprised.  Tickets weren't that expensive and parking was free.  Yes, you read that right.

As soon as we got there we decided to go find our seats because we honestly didn't know what it would be like inside.  Finding our seats was easy.  So Stephen went to get some snacks.

Hanna was angel waiting patiently for the show to start.  That was partially due to the fact that she napped the majority of the 45 minutes it took to get there. {No complaints on that here!}

The show for the most part was really good.  I think that Hanna was a little to young for it.  She isn't familiar with all of the princesses yet so the parts they were in didn't hold her interest as well. She just wanted to see Mimmie and Mimmie.

And this is a picutre of the $20 light up wand that Daddy got suckered into. Grandpa thinks Daddy got off cheap!

I am glad we were able to take Hanna to see the show and I look forward to many more of these experiences with her :)

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