Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mommy Burnout

How many things on this list can you relate to?

There are quite a few for me though I think they are all amusing.

A dirty diaper or tinkle accident (since we are still potty training) really does make me cry sometimes. Hanna and Stephen look at like I am crazy when I start to cry about it. Especially if Hanna just had a bath. She's good at doing that.

I admit I have used my outside voice inside. But who hasn't. Right???

My wonderful husband has learned not to ask me to call anyone to ask questions about anything. I never ask the right questions and well it's just easier for him to do it. I have no complaints about this arrangement.

Number 10 makes me crack up.  We say MOVE MORGAN when she is under our feet.  My 21 month old adorable daughter now looks at Morgan and says MOVE!  That can't be good!
What items on this list do you find most amusing?

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Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

I have definitely used my outside voice inside :( My son reminds me that I'm speaking unkindly which is a double :(:( We tell our dog to "go" (among other things) and now our 23 moth old does it too.